Thursday, December 31, 2009

Organise your Desktop more effectively

Multi-tasking is the order of the day. Everyone tries to do multiple works at the same time to increase his or her productivity. However while multi-tasking at your PC, it often becomes difficult to manage all the windows that we open. So here are some tools that will increase your efficiency while multi-tasking.
Taskbar Shuffle: we open several windows as and when required and under the windows operating system, the tabs of these programs are placed on the extreme right of the taskbar. However we want to keep similar windows together so that it is easier to cycle through them. Unfortunately this is not possible under windows XP & Vista although it is possible under Windows 7. However, this can be accomplished with a small tool i.e. Taskbar Shuffle. It not only makes it possible to rearrange the tabs on the taskbar, but also allows you to rearrange the icons on the system tray.
Virtua Win: now if you open too many windows at a time, a single taskbar may not be sufficient for you. Keeping tabs in two rows would not be a very good idea as screen space comes at a premium. To solve the issue you can use Virtua Win. This application allows you to have multiple desktops and switch between them according to your needs. When you open it, an icon appears in the tray, right clicking on it allows you to switch between tabs. While the program is running, you can middle click on the title bar of any program to take it to another window. With this program you can have as many as 9 desktops although it beats me why anyone would want to have that many.
TClock: while you are trying to increase your efficiency, it always pays to keep a watch on the time. TClock lets you do just that. It helps you to keep a closer look on the time. You can customize the way time is displayed on your taskbar. You can chose to display time only or the time and date. It also allows you to set alarms and timers. In fact, it has many more tricks up its sleeves, but I leave you to figure them out.
Hint: while TClock is running, right click on the time and go to TClock properties.

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