Saturday, January 23, 2010

Use opera mini with DoCoMo connection

While we constantly keep coming across articles in newspapers & on the web that mobile Internet is going to be the next big thing and its getting the youngsters hooked up and all that stuff, the truth remains that most of us don't even know that how much opera mini can save us in terms of bandwidth & hence money. Even those of us who know are not able to use it because we don't get the correct settings. The customer care people are also help less(!).
Recently, after TATA DoCoMo launched its services in Kolkata, a few people asked me how to use opera mini or any other application with it. Turns out that their dive-in doesn't support using external applications. So I set out looking for the solution. I found out that they have a different access point for that. To activate real GPRS so that you can use opera mini or other such applications, go to write message & write INTERNET and send it to 52270 for Kolkata. I guess it is the same for the whole country. You will receive settings with TATA DOCOMO INTERNET as the access point. set this as the default.
For Airtel users send LIVE as an SMS to 52567 and save the settings that you will receive.
Footnote: Opera mini compresses data on its servers and then sends the data to your phone. Thus using Opera Mini saves you a lot of bandwidth. download it from

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  1. Doesn't work. Sending an SMS to 52270 might not work for all. And only a lucky few have managed to get Opera Mini to work on their Docomo connections.