Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Download and play Youtube 3D videos offline

Thanks to James Cameron’s Avatar, 3D is all the rage currently. Everyone wants their share of 3D. Companies are launching 3D TVs, cameras, laptops, monitors and what not. But the availability of 3D glasses remains an issue. However, if you are one of those lucky few who have got a pair of 3D glasses, you would definitely want to see a few 3D videos.
To make things easier, Youtube started supporting 3D videos sometime back. It mixes two video streams on the fly while playing it in your browser. You can set it to display it in a 3D format which corresponds to the type of glasses you own (red/cyan, green/magenta etc.). However, there is a section of us who just don’t like to play a video in the browser. We like to download it. Before you tell me, yes there are a lot of tutorials on downloading Youtube videos, but this article is not about that.
3D videos can be downloaded in the same way that a regular video can be. But the problem lies in playing it. Normal players currently do not support 3D videos. So you will see the 2 streams playing side by side or above and below. When I faced this problem and started to look for a way to play these 3D videos, I found no solution anywhere. It took me sometime to figure out. So I thought why not write about it.
The solution is fairly easy. You need stereoscopic player to play these files. After you install stereoscopic player, open the downloaded video from file>open file… Select side by side or over/under as per the video (you can check this by playing it in a normal player like VLC). Generally the left image will be first or it will be on top. However, in case you don’t get the correct 3D effect, try swapping the left right streams by pressing the swap left/Right button on the tool bar.
You can also use stereoscopic player to play movies which have two separate streams for the left & right eye. For this click file>open Left and Right File and open the corresponding streams simultaneously.

Download stereoscopic player

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